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David Hoffman Teaches A Flat Earth In His Common Man's Reference Bible. Perhaps you say, “Does it really hurt if a sincere preacher thinks the earth is flat?” Are you kidding me? The answer is a resounding, yes, yes, yes, it is very detrimental and harmful to the cause of Christ. Flat Earth Jesus still thinks density and buoyancy explain gravity, Giants made The Moon and The Sun is an interdimensional portal. I’m going to take one more stab at talking some sense into himwhy do I do this to myself? If you fancy supporting my fight against stupidity and help me get better equipment then please consider becoming a.

To tempt Jesus, “the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.” Matthew 4:8 Some claim that this Bible account teaches that the entire world is visible from a single spot on a flat earth. Did Jesus believe in a flat earth? When responding to Tilling earlier, I indicated that as well as discussing the characterisation of knowledge I wanted to correct other false statements in his post. The 2 errors were the flat earth claim and the idea that metaphors would puzzle Jesus. Here I address the flat earth. FLAT EARTH AUSSIE JESUS, SUCK IT. Just schooling another moron. Categories: Uncategorized / by hatefull November 24, 2019. Post Author: hatefull. Related Posts ' 25 NOV The Flat Earth. Uncategorized Read More. 25 NOV Flat Earth The Atheist Experience.

Flat Earth reality, Romans Invented Jesus Christ The Flavian Signaturelies on the top of the lies as always! for thousands of years. Tag: Jesus. 1 TRUE GOSPEL. January 22, 2019 Nathan Roberts 1 Comment. Regardless of our ability to agree about the true shape of our earth, that being stationary and flat or a. Question: "Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat?" Answer: Many a skeptic claims that the Bible depicts a flat earth. Scriptural references such as Revelation 7:1 are cited, which speaks of “four angels standing at the four corners of the earth.”. Does Matthew 4:8 teach a flat earth? Question: A reader asserts that Matthew 4:8, which in part reads, ".. the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor..," is evidence that the Bible thought that the earth was flat, because it would be impossible to view the entire world. What does the bible say about the flat earth theory? Although the theory of Earth being flat is not directly spoken about, some verses describe the potential shape of our planet. One verse mentions the "four corners of the earth" and could be interpreted as a flat earth belief but this theory was proven wrong by the Church 500 years ago. Learn.

In this article, I will examine many of the biblical passages that supposedly teach that the earth is flat, and I will show that in fact they do not. But before doing so, I must respond to two false assumptions mentioned above—that the church historically taught that the earth is flat.

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